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Dr Shane Oliver
Head of Investment Strategy and Chief Economist 
AMP Capital  



Dr Oliver writes on many topics that are important to us all.  While recent ones are sometimes featured in this article flow the following is a link to a website page that lists over 30 of his articles making it a great resource to keep you up-to-date and well informed.  The first 6 titles are listed below followed by a hyperlink to many more.

  1. Brexit wins - implications for the world, Australia, and investors
  2. Brexit or Bremain - or does it really matter?
  3. The political pendulum swings to left – implications for medium term investment returns
  4. RBA rate cuts, inflation targets, deflation and are central banks out of ammo?
  5. Where are we in the roller coaster of investor emotion?
  6. The outlook for shares and growth assets - short term risks but 7 reasons for optimism


Click this link to access more articles by Dr Oliver.






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